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Interior View Prison Bus Forward facing view of detainee bus showing front bulkhead and tracks of our custom designed Floating Cage System.



Prison Bus Sliding Cage
Interior view from front of bus showing rear bulkhead & Floating Cage system.


What we do

For more than 20 years we have provided both public and private entities with vehicles related to the transportation of detainees. Your needs come first and we are prepared to develop a vehicle based on your specifications to assist you with prisoner transportation in a secure, safe, and controlled environment.


Our buses feature passenger seating for up to 40 detainees, video monitoring and recording, security walls with sliding doors, isolation cells with pass-through, heavy keyed-alike lock system per door, floor drains, restroom, heavy duty 9-guage metal, storage areas, security cameras, rugged seats, side and rear load, secure interior guard position, para-transit options to meet ADA requirements, and GPS navigation.


We have aligned ourselves with a number of key partners in order to meet our clients expectations. These include:


Bus Manufaturers





Chassis Manufacturers






Detainee Transportation

The needs and regulations of detainee transportation are unique. We understand the uniqueness of your needs. We understand that safety and reliability are the two most important features of your detainee transportation vehicle. This understanding has prompted us to provide a vast array of standard features and options. Our vehicles are equipped with solid steel constructed cages, sliding segregation cages, steel caged windows and components, tear gas doors, DVR systems with cameras and observation monitors, and more. All options are designed to benefit and work in sequence with the routines of the guards allowing them to keep order and maintain control at all times.

ACA Members
We are proud members of the American Correctional Association.

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