Floor mounting of Custom Floating Cage System. These bracing holes are aligned along the length of the vehicle.



Other Options

There are many other options available for your detainee transport vehicles such as spotlight mounts, teargas doors, equipment lockes, etc.


Visit the Options Page for detailed information on all available options.

Floating Cage System

The custom built Floating Cage System can be molded to your organizations wants and needs.


All vehicles we custom build for prison transportation include a standard front bulkhead, rear bulkhead and floating cage. The design of the floating cage allows it to be secured anywhere between the front and back bulkhead allowing the holding area to be split into two sections. This is possible through a track system that allows the cage to slide front to back but also to lock into place at the top and bottom when the vehicle is ready for transit.


See diagram of floating cage system and rear bulkhead.


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